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Nationaljournal Protections Co. are authorized with IRDAI (Protections Administrative and Improvement Specialist of India) and favored protections accomplice of IRCTC. Nationaljournal Protections offers a wide extend of common protections arrangements counting Engine, Travel, Domestic and more that are planned to fit each require, each minute and every situation. So, another time you're trying to find an reasonable and comprehensive hazard cover, Safeguarded with us and Rest Guaranteed in life.

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Car Insurance

Car Protections could be a vehicle approach to secure yourself from money related misfortunes emerging from unexpected dangers such as accidents, thefts or Third Party Liabilities.

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Travel Insurance

Whether Travel solo, with family or on a commerce ,Recreation or ponder trips, a quiet travel is all we require amid a trip. And for us at Nationaljournal, your travel is as vital as your goal!

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Two Wheeler

A little misjudgement on the street can lead to a major mishap. Two wheeler protections covers you from the harms to your bike and motorbike in such a circumstance. It too covers you against

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Health Insurance

Owing to a rise in way of life maladies and double-digit therapeutic swelling in India each year, wellbeing protections has ended up a need for each individual. To expand on the move in attitude

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Property Insurance

Nationaljournal Domestic Protections Arrange may be a comprehensive bundle of protections benefits outlined to cover your Building and Family articles like Substance, Machines, Gems, Versatile types

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Commercial Vehicle

In case you have got a commercial vehicle, you must have commercial vehicle protections. A comprehensive vehicle protections online approach keeps you and your trade secured in

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